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How to entice more clients for your business

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Clients are the lifeblood of any business, regardless of how big or small your business may be. In a digital world filled with persistent marketing everywhere you go, clients are savvy and picky who they choose. Not only do you have to communicate how you can meet their needs you also have to show how you can do it better than all your competitors.

Plan, do, review – always improve.

No matter what tactic or ideas you use, make sure you always follow the mantra: Plan, do, review. Make sure you understand what you are going to do and how to it, then put that plan into action and finally measure and review the results. Did it lead to a positive result? Did it improve an existing process? Measuring outcomes is vital so that you don’t waste time and money on strategies that don’t produce results and by continuing the plan, do, review process you can then optimise the strategy to yield optimal results.


This is a huge subject on its own but is absolutely critical in getting your business recognised and perceived in the right way. Careful thought must be given not only to what you communicate but also how. Reaching more people is not always better if it leads to a poor conversion rate. And approaching the wrong audience can lead to time wasters and clients that require more effort than they are worth. For example: try giving out samples at an industry specific expo show. Perhaps digital advertising in related forum and websites or email campaigns to specific client groups. Services like MangoB2B can make you easily accessible by making it as simple as possible for your perfect client to find you.

Communicating value

Let your existing clients talk for you. People will always be sceptical when they know someone is trying to sell them something, but endorsements and testimonials from existing clients are much more persuasive. Even more so if the potential client has some sort of relationship or awareness of the business giving the recommendation. A top review from a well-respected peer will pay significant dividends. To enable this, you must provide some sort of platform for your customers to make their recommendation. Companies like MangoB2B can supply a trusted platform so potential clients know that any business reviews are genuine.


Referrals are cheap and have amazing conversion rates, but they are also hard to come by if your clients feel they are only simply getting what they paid for. This is where going the extra mile can pay in future dividends. Give your clients as much possible value as you can afford to, in your customer service, as well as your product and they, will WANT to refer you to others because it will make THEM look good. Again this is where services like MangoB2B can help by providing an easily accessible network for you and your clients to tap into.


Why have I mentioned these key points above and not a hundred others? Because they all synergise. Synergy defined is: the interaction of components that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of their parts. In short, a system of parts that produces better results than they would by themselves.

If you apply a plan, do, review system you will continue to improve any aspect of the business you apply it to. This will make it easy for you to communicate your value to the right potential clients and for current clients to recommend you. If they recommend you they are also then more likely to make referrals towards your business. In summary, leading to more clients and building a reputation based on quality, value and trust.


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