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18 Quotes by Walmart Founder Sam Walton to Inspire You

Sam Walton

Sam Walton’s story is one to be inspired by. From a young, struggling entrepreneur opening his first variety store at the age of 26, Walton transformed his business to create a legacy. With over 11,000 locations across the world, Walmart is now a multinational retail corporation that has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1962. Sam Walton’s story is one of entrepreneurship, risk, hard work and self-belief.

China Town, by Ian Sane

How to Avoid Scams, Middle-Men and Fraud when Importing from China

Figures from 2012 show that China is now the world’s biggest manufacturer and exporter, trading more goods annually than any other country in the world.  This presents great opportunities for the import of Chinese goods, regardless of to which country.  China’s manufacturing economy is supported by many businesses; and it’s possible to find some real […]

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Handshake - 2 men, by  Flazingo Photos

How to Build Trust in Your Business

Customers need a reason to believe in you & your company. Here’s how to woo skeptics. Whatever happened to trust? Banks don’t trust one another enough to make loans. Customers don’t trust banks. Conservatives don’t trust Labour. Independents don’t trust anyone. When distrust rules, it’s harder for businesses and entrepreneurs to sell customers on the […]

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