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It’s all about trust – Building successful relationships with overseas suppliers

UK martial arts apparel business Scramble goes from strength to strength with the support of overseas manufacturers – MangoB2B finds out how. In this interview we put the spotlight on an up-and-coming British SME “Scramble” and its founder Matt Benyon.

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All that glitters is not gold

A great many suppliers and buyers rely on using business index websites to help establish contact with clients. These index websites list the services of sometimes millions of organisations and can be fantastic resources for businesses. Many of these service users will never meet in person and will put a lot of their trust in information supplied by these websites. Being aware of this, most successful index websites will use some sort of system to verify legitimacy and/or reputation of those it lists. Quite often users will also have to pay for this verification service to show that they can be trusted, as well as other perks to make them more marketable. But what happens when the verification process requires no real proof other than taking what they are told at face value? It opens the system to widespread abuse with the buyers suffering the most.

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Why customer service will make or break your business

As consumers we are surrounded and bombarded by advertising, it is inescapable. As such we have built up a certain tolerance and cynicism towards most obvious marketing strategies. This lack of trust can leave customers feeling cold and hesitant. Trust is considered vital in providing high quality customer service.

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How to Build Trust in Your Business

Customers need a reason to believe in you & your company. Here’s how to woo skeptics. Whatever happened to trust? Banks don’t trust one another enough to make loans. Customers don’t trust banks. Conservatives don’t trust Labour. Independents don’t trust anyone. When distrust rules, it’s harder for businesses and entrepreneurs to sell customers on the […]

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Mango B2B is a trusted marketplace for businesses to buy & sell. If your business sells to other businesses then you should be listed here.

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