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Customer Service Facts

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Customer Service Facts, Quotes & Statistics

3 in 5 Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. – Source: American Express Survey, 2011


Resolve a complaint in the customer’s favor and they will do business with you again 70% of the time.   – Source: Lee Resources


Almost 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior customer experience.
–  Source: Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive/RightNow, 2010



Top two reasons for customer loss:

1. Customers feel poorly treated

2. Failure to solve a problem in a timely manner

– Source: Customer Experience Impact Report by Harris Interactive/RightNow, 2010


70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. – Source: Touch Agency


24 hours or less is widely considered an acceptable email response time.

Hint: Respond within an hour for a WOW factor with the customer.

– Source: “Email Customer Service in North American Small and Medium Businesses” by BenchmarkPortal, 2005


“The handful of companies that respond promptly and accurately to customer emails increase trust in their brand, bolster customer satisfaction, and boost sales both online and offline.” –  BenchmarkPortal


81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering customer experience excellence are outperforming their competition.
– Source: Peppers & Rogers Group, Customer Experience Maturity Monitor, 2009


“Customer service shouldn’t just be A department, it should be the entire company.”
Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos


“It’s very logical: There is proven ROI in doing whatever you can to turn your customers into advocates for your brand or business. The way to create advocates is to offer superior customer service.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk, “The Thank You Economy”


“Always do more than is required of you.”
– George S. Patton


“There are many who subscribe to the convention that service is a business cost, but our data demonstrates that superior service is an investment that can help drive business growth. Investing in quality talent, and ensuring they have the skills, training and tools that enable them to empathize and actively listen to custom- ers are central to providing consistently excellent service experiences.” –  Jim Bush, Executive VP at American Express


“Customer service is the new marketing.”
– Derek Sivers, CD Baby


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